Everything around electronic devices

Hello dear visitor of my website! I am offereing various services around electronic devices and more.
  • Repair
  • Cleaning
  • Purchase advice
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tutoring
  • IT-Support
  • Programming
  • PCB-Design
  • and more...


My prices for my services are very flexible. Depending on the order it will be calculated differently. Generally is the first hour of troubleshooting in repairs free. f there are complications opening the device the effort will be added to the total costs.

Repairs are billed by an hourly rate. The costs of replacement parts will also be added to the bill. If there is any kind of upchard to my original estimate or quote you will be informed.

Who am I?

I am studying for my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Lucern. With my apprentice ship as an electronic technician and my current education I have developed a very good understanding of the world of electrical engineering. With the combined knowledge I already have fixed many device which otherwise would have been thrown away.

Because I want to fight against E-Waste I want to fix and repair as many devices as possible to give them the longest life-span possible. Also a good cleaning can do wonders for an electronic device.